Hotel guide: New York’s ACE Hotel

October 18th, 2009

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On my quest to now discover the hotels in my (current) hometown of New York, I visit the much fabled ACE and am charmed right off me’ feet.

8 Responses to “Hotel guide: New York’s ACE Hotel”

  1. fred says:

    You live in hotels in your hometown, that’s fucked haha!

  2. Michael Wash says:

    you said YYY’s remix would be posted by todayy!!!!!! wheree is ittttt im feining

  3. Stovetop says:

    always enjoy watching these :)

  4. steezo says:

    When I lie on a bed for the first time I always test how well it ‘rocks’ if you know what I mean… Does that get old when you travel a lot?

  5. DJ Pullout says:

    Dude…. Ive been to that hotel and it is AAAWWEEESSSOOOOMMMMMEEEEEE

  6. HotelKortet says:

    Nice Video. .

    Thanks for sharing with us

  7. Not my cup of tea but it

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