If you missed Duck Sauce at EDC… meet the duck

July 08th, 2010

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On June 25th and 26th I performed at LA’s immense and much fabled Electric Daisy Carnival. The first night was with Travis Barker under our Travis x A-Trak project which we originally kicked off in March. See pictures below. We revamped the set, added even more wikki-wikkis and beefed up the lights on stage. And the second night was with Duck Sauce, our 2nd show ever, our first festival show ever, and the first appearance of… the duck.

21 Responses to “If you missed Duck Sauce at EDC… meet the duck”

  1. Chewitt says:

    Laughed my ass off seeing the pic with the lovely ladies! the event looked epic would of loved to have been there.

  2. Tony says:

    Oh it was epic alright! it can’t get anymore epic than 185,000 thousand people… but that doesn’t go without saying that Duck Sauce by far had the best set of the night.

  3. Drama says:

    Beyond epic if you ask me…that “good to me” track blew my mind with it’s dancy goodness. Hope that track is released soon :)

  4. Karl says:

    OMG i wish i was there i need the new duck sauce in my life please please release all the new tunes soon PLEASE

    does anyone have the full duck sauce set i would love to hear it thx

  5. just charlie says:

    I’m glad that filtered disco sound is coming back with a new twist. Looking forward to new releases on fools gold.

  6. Judo says:

    wondering when that song is going to be released..its mental

  7. [...] Helden, and…an enormous inflatable duck) at EDC, fret not: Trizzy has you covered with this great video recap and pics from the night, along with some shots from his Travis x A-Trak performance at the same [...]

  8. [...] Helden, and…an enormous inflatable duck) at EDC, fret not: Trizzy has you covered with this great video recap and pics from the night, along with some shots from his Travis x A-Trak performance at the same [...]

  9. TonyDCLXVI says:

    Duck sauce dropped this sick song that ive been trying to get my hands on it just goes like if your good to me ill be good to you and so on. A-Trak you gotta let me have that song

  10. Seth says:

    What song is being played in this video?

  11. Tony says:

    Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

  12. UGGS UK says:

    Saw you at Oxegen and the visuals rocked. It was worth the work man. Its great to see robots rock when you’re rockin robot rock! (figure that out). Cant wait for SW4, London…… Peace

  13. tydus says:

    @TonyDCLXVI i believe that song is called Good To Me by Duck Sauce it’s a track coming out soon (hopefully haha) that is a remix of an old song by THP Orchestra’s ‘Good To Me’.

  14. subhumanoid says:

    BARBRA STREISAND………song of the Scummer 2010!!

    Getting sick goosebumps remembering that night, that moment, that huge fuckin duck!

    too bad i had a week-long e.hangover with terrible headspins….pay to play!

  15. jordan says:

    i loved you guys. i was stayed at cosmic meadows all night. duck sauce killed it. disco dance is sick. super fun. i love it. good job

  16. Dominik aka NLP says:

    Cant wait for the release of Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand!

  17. this song is serious! definitely gets the house music lovers jumping.

  18. Guy With Daft Punk Helmet says:

    hahaha, I saw myself with my glowing helmet at 00:46 seconds. I miss EDC. I loved how they sync’d the beat to the duck being inflated…so ossim

  19. I had no idea the inflatable duck was *so* hip. Our other inflatables will be so jealous!

  20. [...] was Duck Sauce and Chromeo day. Duck Sauce performances are as rare as a comet. When we played EDC last year we had a giant inflatable duck built. For Coachella we felt like we had to take it further. So we [...]

  21. My dad is stupid. He thinks a fjord is a Norwegian motor car.

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